Pavement Management

CMS uses a comprehensive pavement management approach. It manages unlimited user-defined road types from concrete, asphalt or gravel roads to alleys, parking lots, and bike paths. It uses inspections to identify roads in most need of repair and recommends the most-effective rehabilitation alternative.

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Based on FHWA and PMS standards, this module tracks condition, cost and other information on each pavement segment in the system. Based on levels of service indicators or condition indices, traffic and road type, it identifies roads most in need of repair and suggests rehabilitation techniques and costs.


Work can be performed on segments or “routes” (a collection of segments). Costs for people, equipment, inventory, and contractors flow to specific segments and update segment costs. Inspection dates and schedules are maintained by segment. Roads are prioritized for rehabilitation analysis.

Speaking of roads, lots of items are on the road and should be considered as assets themselves – such as street lights,  signs, sidewalks, railroad crossings, culverts, catchbasins, and so on.  Read on to learn more about how we manage those, on the next page.

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