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About Us

CitiTech Systems is committed to providing the most-inclusive, fully-functional Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) software, along with the best customer support available on the market today. CitiTech Management Software (CMS) integrates all the major tasks and functions of today’s public works, road departments, and transportation departments.

Why We’re Different

CitiTech Systems is the market leader in performance management, and unlike traditional work order management systems, CMS evaluates past performance to improve processes, build future work plans to meet those expectations and help your organization improve performance.

CitiTech uses the latest technology tools and techniques to improve asset and maintenance management and to enhance the user experience. CMS has full bi-directional integration with GIS maps, as well as GPS, LRS and Addressing to help locate and manage various types of assets.

CMS can help you to preserve and maintain assets to the highest level possible. A maintenance quality assurance program uses performance-based management principles to improve asset condition, extend asset life and lower asset life cycle costs.

CitiTech takes advantage of Strategic Alliances as needed based on the client’s desired results.


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