Resource Management

CitiTech Management Systems (CMS) manages labor, equipment, material and contractors. It goes well beyond simply tracking costs and usage to provide detailed employee management that links to payroll and tracks pending employee events, such as “CDL licensing”, comprehensive equipment maintenance management that supports unlimited user-defined equipment preventative maintenance schedules with unlimited repair reasons, and a sophisticated material inventory management for equipment and operational inventory items at multiple sites with full tracking (e.g., purchases, receipts, transfers, usage, reorder points, counts, etc.).

CMS also has optional modules for full-featured contract management to manage all aspects of a contract by bid item (based on quantity, rate and frequency) with full reporting and vouchers, an equipment replacement and budgeting module and an automated fuel system interface.

Fund Accounting

CMS has a Chart of Accounts with a General Ledger. It tracks budget, expenditures, encumbrances and balance of user fund accounts. Its tight integration into all related functions in CMS assures that work report entries update operations, capitol, and payroll accounts and update fund balances based on program management criteria, and provided further integration into purchase orders, inventory and warehouse operations.

CitiTech Management Software measures performance of contracts in the same effectiveness of internal efforts.

Performance Based Asset & Maintenance Management Software