CitiTech Management Software uses bi-directional GIS to track assets, their inspections, and moreDon’t worry anymore about finding the location of an asset, work order, or reported work. CitiTech Management Software (CMS) is your solution in one complete, simple, and feature-rich package. CMS utilizes GIS and GPS to help keep track of asset locations and much more.

Bi-Directional GIS
CitiTech Management Software features seamless bi-directional integration with ESRI ArcGIS products and is developing links into other GIS products, such as Google Maps.

What Can I Do?

  • Locate an asset.
  • Select a group of assets.
  • Create work orders, work reports, or inspections against one or more assets on the map.
  • Query the map to show work history against a selected asset, for a user-defined date range.
  • Streamline workflow by printing maps with or without work orders.
  • The results of reports can be displayed on the map.
  • Query the map to locate all work orders in a certain location.

MDOT On The Map

The Mississippi DOT and other users deploy GPS to streamline workflow. Work crews use GPS-enabled handhelds and laptops in the field to work on work orders and work reports. The GPS coordinates are used to locate assets on GIS maps and return the Asset ID and its LRS for work reporting and accounting. This eliminated data entry for workers using Remote Processing and GPS technology.

CitiTech Management Software is full of rich features that will increase performance, so be sure to check out additional tools CMS contains.

Additional Tools

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