Additional Tools

CitiTech provides several technology tools that extend CMS functionality. These modules can be added at any time and instantly inherit CMS’s integrated approach.


CitiTech Managment Software tracks fuel usage and more!

Automated Fuel System

Swipe a card to get fuel? Automate fuel usage entries!

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CitiTech Management Software has Remote Processing

Remote Processing

With CMS, you’re not “tied to your PC”. Do your work in the field, and re-connect and upload data at your convenience.

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Our Triggers module allows users to define a custom triggers, so you're always connected.


Our Triggers module allows you to define custom triggers, so you can make things happen automatically.

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CitiTech Systems, Inc. offers a web service request web application that will impress your citizens.

Web Service Requests

Citizens can request service using a website! Let them be heard, while your staff is saved the phone call.

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