CitiTech Management Software has user defined triggers to automate daily operations, and streamline work while improving performance. (1)The triggers module is user-defined so you can automate processes, and define what you think is important, rather than a third-party.

Q: When would I ever use a trigger?

A: An event, such as an accident-related work order, triggers an action, such as “Send an email to the attorney”.

A: Create an inspection or a work order if asset condition is less than “X”.

A: Create an email to head of the department if work report accomplishment is less than/greater than “X”.

Send an email to service requestors when the work order status changes.

E-Mail crew members when they are scheduled on a work order.

These are just a few examples… but Triggers can do much more.

Last, but definitely not least, is our Web Service Request module, which enables your citizens to request service using your website.

Web Service Request

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