CitiTech Management Software (CMS)

CitiTech Management SoftwareA fully-developed, highly-integrated Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) software designed to meet the specific needs of city public works, county road and bridge and state departments of transportation. Using activity-based costing, CMS provides seamless workflow integration from planning, budgeting, scheduling, performing and evaluating work and performance to allocating the costs to assets. Results of performance evaluations can modify work plans at your discretion, closing the feedback loop in the maintenance management cycle.

In a case study of the Mississippi Department of Transportation, they discovered a process improvement with CitiTech Management Software that cut mowing expense 22%, resulting in a cost savings of $2.4 Million a year.
How CMS Works

Managers and decision-makers require concise, accurate information to spot trends, identify problem areas, and manage operations. CMS focuses on achieving important goals that improve asset management, extend asset life, lower life cycle costs, and improve performance management.

Using a highly-integrated approach, CMS blends work management with activity-based asset management and full-featured resource management resulting in a simple-to-use, common-sense management system that answers questions and shares information with other systems.

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