Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21)
Setting the course for transportation investment in highways, MAP-21 –

Under MAP-21, states are required to develop a risk- and performance-based asset management plan for the enhanced National Highway System (NHS) to improve or preserve asset condition and system performance. CitiTech Systems offers a results-oriented outcome-based performance management approach that supports MAP-21 goals and objectives.

Strengthens America’s highways
  • MAP-21 expands the National Highway System (NHS) to incorporate principal arterials not previously included. Investment targets the enhanced NHS, with more than half of highway funding going to the new program devoted to preserving and improving the most important highways — the National Highway Performance Program.
Establishes a performance-based program
  • Under MAP-21, performance management will transform Federal highway programs and provide a means to more efficient investment of Federal transportation funds by focusing on national transportation goals, increasing the accountability and transparency of the Federal highway programs, and improving transportation investment decisionmaking through performance-based planning and programming.
Creates jobs and supports economic growth
  • MAP-21 authorizes $82 billion in Federal funding for FYs 2013 and 2014 for road, bridge, bicycling, and walking improvements. In addition, MAP-21enhances innovative financing and encourages private sector investment through a substantial increase in funding for the TIFIA program. It alsoincludes a number of provisions designed to improve freight movement in support of national goals.
Supports the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) aggressive safety agenda
  • MAP-21 continues the successful Highway Safety Improvement Program, doubling funding for infrastructure safety, strengthening the linkage among modal safety programs, and creating a positive agenda to make significant progress in reducing highway fatalities. It also continues to build on other aggressive safety efforts, including the Department’s fight against distracted driving and its push to improve transit and motor carrier safety.
Streamlines Federal highway transportation programs
  • The complex array of existing programs is simplified, substantially consolidating the program structure into a smaller number of broader core programs. Many smaller programs are eliminated, including most discretionary programs, with the eligibilities generally continuing under core programs.
Accelerates project delivery and promotes innovation
  • MAP-21 incorporates a host of changes aimed at ensuring the timely delivery of transportation projects. Changes will improve innovation and efficiency in the development of projects, through the planning and environmental review process, to project delivery.
Federal Funding is available to implement MAP-21
  • Costs associated with development of a risk-based asset management plan are eligible for Federal funding. Specifically, these costs are eligible for both National Highway Performance Program (NHPP) and Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds pursuant to 23 U.S.C. 119(d)(2)(K) (MAP-21 § 1106) and 133(b)(24) (MAP-21 § 1108). These activities include data collection, maintenance, and integration and the cost associated with obtaining, updating, and licensing software and equipment required for risk-based asset management and performance-based management. (23 USC §§ 119(d)(2)(K), 133(b)(24), MAP-21 §§ 1106, 1108)

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