Work Management

From Start to FinishCitiTech Management Software Provides Work Management

CMS manages work from beginning to end – with complete integration into Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).

  • Work can be planned, scheduled, performed, monitored, evaluated.
  • Planned work can be scheduled using planned resources automatically.
  • Availability of labor, equipment, material, and contractors can be checked to avoid overscheduling.
  • It can send emails to the person requesting the work, the crew that needs to do the work, or others – such as the legal department if it’s accident-related.
  • When work is performed, it tracks payroll pay and leave, equipment cost, usage and maintenance schedules, inventory balances and contractor costs and services.
  • Planned vs. Actual reports are available.
  • When assets are inspected, actual Level of Service can be compared against target levels of service.
  • LOS Analysis results can be used to create or update work plans to meet target levels of service, closing the maintenance management cycle loop.

CitiTech Management Software manages labor, equipment, material and contractors with full tracking.

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