Sign Management

New FHWA sign standards were incorporated into the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) document that required all signs meet retro-reflectivity standards by 2012. CitiTech’s Signs Plus module meets and exceeds FHWA MUTCD standards and manages the various approved methods.

Did You Know?

Signs Plus: A Complete Solution

Signs Plus is a comprehensive sign management program designed to meet the new retro-reflectivity minimum standards that went into effect January 2012. The Federal Highway Administration developed six methods that can be used to track how well signs reflect light at night and all city, county, state and federal agencies must adopt one or more of these methods in 2012 and begin replacing regulatory, warning and ground mounted guide signs by 2015.


It Must Be a Sign

  • Identifies and rates sign assets.CitiTech Systems Sign Plus
  • Tracks sign repair and maintenance costs.
  • Maintains sign inventories (both installed and in a sign shop).
  • Integrates with a performance-based inspection module and provides comprehensive reporting that identifies deficient signs by condition, class, area or type.
  • Tracks detailed work cost and accomplishment history and helps control costs using best business practices.

Last, but definitely not least is Utility Management – and CMS handles it superbly.

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