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CitiTech Project Management DeploymentCitiTech Management Software (CMS) is fully developed, thoroughly tested and ready to implement. It is a “COTS” (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) solution that can be user-installed from a CD or over the Internet.  Implementation is straightforward, allowing it to be deployed and in full production quickly.

CitiTech Systems can provide some project management, but since our specialty is the software, we may leave more extensive project management to the experts we work with and partner with; highly qualified engineers and/or project management specialists.

CitiTech can analyze data, processes, and related systems and advise customers on implementation and make further recommendations. The company may, at its discretion, provide incidental technical support for implementation at no charge to the customer. More involved project management services are provided at additional cost.

Activities First
While this data can be manually entered, data conversion and import is a better choice. CMS has a sophisticated import capability that will populate CMS files from external sources – and CitiTech has a long history of helping users convert and import data and can even build interfaces with other systems to share data and bridge data islands.

The first task is populating CMS files with the activities, departments, work programs, assets, and resources you have and use.

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