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NCHRP Synthesis 426: 
Performance-Based Highway Maintenance and Operations Management:
A Synthesis of Highway Practice

A publication of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies.  This synthesis examines current performance-based management practices that are applied by state departments of transportation (DOTs) in highway maintenance and operations (M&O).  Past studies have focused on the elements that make up a performance-based M&O approach, such as condition ratings, levels of service, performance measures, and threshold values. This study focuses on how state DOTs actually use performance-based measures to manage their highway programs. 

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 21st Century Asset Management: Executive Summary

An AASHTO publication prepared by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  The document provides an analysis of the metrics needed to support performance based asset management and strategic decision making. 

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NCHRP Report 660: Transportation Performance Management: Insight from Practitioners

A publication of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies.  This publication explores real examples of how Performance Management Systems are being increasing enhanced to support a broad range of activities such as strategic planning and decision-making, comprehensive asset management, transportation system performance, project delivery, budget and cost control, program efficiency, and demonstration of effective departmental stewardship of public funding.Access the document here: 

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Elevating TAMS: Beyond the Short Term

A FHWA publication that discusses managing infrastructure assets for long-term sustainability, accountability, and performance. The Federal Highway Administration supports a performance management approach to asset management for two reasons: First, as a means to measure results and document accomplishments, and second, as a basis to demonstrate accountability and produce results.  Measuring results against agreed upon targets is essential for long-term sustainability.  By adopting TAMS, an agency will be using strategies to manage the long-term performance of its infrastructure assets in a systematic and documented fashion similar to the management strategies used by many of the corporate world’s leading performers.  Access the document here: 

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Asset Management-An Anatomy

A publication of the Institute of Asset Management.  This publication offers the reader a deeper understanding of what Asset Management is, and what it can help you achieve.  It provides an in depth review of the British Standards Institutes’ Publically Available Specification 55 (PAS55:2008), an insight into how PAS 55 is forming the foundation of the ISO 55000/1/2 standard.  You can access the document here: 

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