Contract Management

Many maintenance organizations are making increasing use of contractors to carry out regular maintenance operations as a cost cutting measure. This, in turn, creates a need to measure the performance of contracts in the same way that we measure the effectiveness of internal efforts. Contractor work must be tracked and results measured in order to determine success or failure and demonstrate effectiveness.

With CMS, daily work reporting provides a single entry, consolidated screen that records actual work costs and accomplishments, tracks resource cost and usage, tracks contracts and work plans, updates equipment maintenance and inventory files, and relates costs to various assets, fund accounts, projects, and contracts for both internal and external resources.

Contract Management should be an integral part of a modern risk and performance management plan. CMS provides an easy-to use, integrated approach that will:

  • Manage contracts from concept to completion
  • Track contracts by bid item, associated asset, status, retainage, payments & balances.
  • Track changes to bid item by quantity, cost, scheduled completion, etc.
  • Track contract document changes through file management
  • Link to bonding, insurance, and source documents
  • Work Order/Work Report can co-mingle contractor and internal resources
  • Generate vouchers for contractor payment

Having all the information and stats is great, but you need a way to look at all that from a management view. CitiTech Management Software specializes in reporting, with Crystal Reports.

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