Management Reporting

CitiTech Management Software Uses Crystal ReportsThe ultimate objective of any management system is comprehensive reporting. Reports must be clear, concise, accurate and up-to-the-minute. CMS provides over 400 predefined reports that address virtually every aspect of a maintenance organization.

CMS & Crystal Reports

Reports range from highly-detailed reports to broad-based management reports that summarize data into meaningful “bottom-line numbers”. Graphical, easy-to-read reports like pie charts and bar graphs help you analyze trends, spot problem areas and answer questions. Master reports, list reports, history reports, alert reports, planned vs. actual reports, and graphical reports are all included. You can create and save ad-hoc queries to easily “drill down” to the information you need. You can even create custom reports to meet your unique reporting requirements…. make them look like you want them to!

More On Crystal Reports

CitiTech Management Software is the solution to finding locations of assets, work orders, and reported work.

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