Product Announcement: CitiTech Systems releases CMS Version 8.5!

CitiTech Management Systems (CMS) released the latest version of its sector leading asset and maintenance management software suite. Version 8.5 contains many significant improvements and enhancements that improve the user experience and achieve even greater cost reductions in daily maintenance operations.

Some of the key improvements include:

  • FEMA Reporting. CMS contains a fully integrated and powerful FEMA reporting system. Enhancements include the ability to track multiple usage rates simultaneously, and the ability to easily change FEMA rates being tracked by system without having to modify existing work records. This feature will dramatically reduce staff time required for processing and tracking  your FEMA claim. This new functionality was released earlier this year to assist our users who were affected by the 2012 hurricane season.
  • Asset records within the system are now integrated into Google Maps. A user can now easily view asset location and print turn by turn directions without the need to tie up your ESRI GIS licenses. This functionality extends to mobile operations on laptops and tablets, and will be very helpful for rural communities that do not have GIS implementations.
  • Work order screens now offer a light grid option to simplify the users view and speed data entry.  
  • Enhancements to equipment records allow better GIS and GPS tracking to support more efficient scheduled maintenance, and allow further options to associate equipment costs to related assets.
  • Already tight integration into GIS has been significantly enhanced by allowing robust reporting options from within the map pane.
  • A new management dashboard has been added to the home page to give managers customizable snapshot views of asset condition, resource availability, and work order response time.
  • The work scheduling calendar has been improved to speed the process of planning and controlling work. Work schedules can be easily viewed and modified with drag and drop functionality, and full edit ability of work orders from within the calendar is available.  
  • The Reporting Module has been improved. It now provides over 350 standard reports that help you keep your thumb on every aspect of your maintenance operation. Reporting speeds have been turbo-charged with a powerful new anchor-table technology that not only enhances reporting, but also screen views and other processes.
  • Expanded functionality that enhances access to associated documents such as images and plan drawings.  

Upgrades from version 8 to version 8.5 will be provided to all of CitiTech’s user community at no additional cost, as has long been their policy. This alone adds significant value to what is already widely recognized as the cutting edge of modern, performance-based asset management.